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  • Cork fleets 76 electric cars

    Cork fleets 76 electric cars

    The Irish city of Cork has commissioned 76 electric vehicles to replace combustion engines. The Renault Kangoo ZE, Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona are used by city employees in the areas of road and apartment maintenance, park management and waste disposal.

    Two of the vehicles are said to be available as pool vehicles for City Hall employees. According to the city, Cork is now the largest emission-free fleet in the country. The exchange of the fleet was implemented within a few months...
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  • Renault increases manufacturer share

    Renault increases manufacturer share

    Renault is increasing the manufacturer's share in Germany for the purchase of its electric vehicles. As of now, private customers receive a bonus of 10,000 euros when they buy a new Zoe or Kangoo ZE. But the discount still has a catch.

    Renault's “electric bonus” is made up of the state's € 6,100 environmental bonus (€ 6,000 BAFA premium including € 100 AVAS grant) and the Renault grant, now increased to € 3,900. Basically, Renault increases the manufacturer's share...
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  • Renault plans to cut around 15,000 jobs

    Renault plans to cut around 15,000 jobs

    After alliance partner Nissan, Renault also presented its restructuring program. The savings plan provides for two billion euros in fixed costs to be eliminated. One of the savings is in the staff.

    The plan initially sounds simple: efficiency should increase by simplifying processes, reducing the variety of components and adapting capacities, as Renault writes in the message. The "necessary personnel adjustments", as the French describe the job cuts, should form the "basis...
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  • France plans further incentives to buy electric cars

    France plans further incentives to buy electric cars

    French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he will massively expand support for the French auto industry. The head of state is reacting to the crisis at PSA and especially Renault - the main reason is the slump in sales due to the Corona crisis.

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    Specifically, the state subsidy is to increase from 6,000 to 7,000 euros when buying an electric car. In addition, hybrid cars are...
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