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  • Initiative for more accessibility when loading

    Initiative for more accessibility when loading

    The national control center for charging infrastructure and the Berlin association Sozialheld *innen work together to make new charging infrastructure accessible to people with disabilities right from the start. The keyword here is: barrier-free infrastructure.

    After an initial exchange with charger manufacturers and operators (CPOs), according to the state-owned NOW GmbH, the involvement of people with disabilities as experts on their own behalf as well as associations is now starting....
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  • Feneberg and Numbat are planning a regional HPC network in southern Germany

    The food chain Feneberg and the cleantech company Numbat, both of which are based in Kempten in the Allgäu, want to set up an HPC network with an average of one fast charging station every ten kilometers. The plans are based on a Numbat HPC column with integrated battery storage.

    Numbat reports that over 40 locations are planned in southern Germany. That would be around half of the Feneberg locations, around 80 locations are listed in the store finder on the grocer's homepage...
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  • Flanders plans 49 HPCs by 2024

    Flanders plans 49 HPCs by 2024

    The government of the Belgian region of Flanders has announced an investment of 5.4 million euros in fast charging infrastructure. A total of 49 HPC chargers with at least 150 kW are to be built along expressways and country roads by mid-2024.

    Eight locations are specifically planned in the province of Antwerp, seven in Limburg, 13 each in East Flanders and Flemish Brabant, and eight in West Flanders, according to the Flemish Ministry of Transport. The charging stations are to...
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  • Electrify America: 140 fast chargers with battery storage

    Electrify America: 140 fast chargers with battery storage

    Volkswagen's US subsidiary Electrify America has now equipped more than 140 fast-charging locations with stationary battery storage, over 90 of them in California. These systems have a total of more than 30 megawatts of energy storage capacity.

    The battery energy storage systems (BESS) are used to cover peaks in demand and thus minimize the effects on the power grid. In addition, they can be recharged when electricity prices are low - and thus help the company, according to its...
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  • BMW cooperates with Chinese energy supplier

    BMW cooperates with Chinese energy supplier

    BMW has signed a cooperation agreement with the state energy provider State Grid in China to advance the expansion of the Chinese charging network for electric cars. One of the goals is to more than double the existing range of charging points by the end of this year to around 270,000.

    About 80,000 of these are said to be DC chargers, according to Chinese media. Above all, this is intended to simplify emission-free long-distance travel, and we are talking about a fast-charging...
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  • Polestar appoints plugsurfing as charging partner

    Polestar appoints plugsurfing as charging partner

    Polestar is partnering with Plugsurfing to offer its customers access to the 195,000 charging points on the Plugsurfing network. This should make public charging in Europe easier across national borders.

    Every Polestar 2 is delivered with an RFID tag from Plugsurfing as standard, as the Volvo subsidiary wrote in a message. The plugsurfing account as a payment and authentication solution is intended to give customers quick access to the various charging station operators that are bundled...
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