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  • Yara Birkeland celebrates maiden voyage

    Yara Birkeland celebrates maiden voyage

    The first self-propelled electric container ship Yara Birkeland has completed its maiden voyage in the Oslo Fjord. A two-year test phase of the technology is now beginning before the ship is to be certified.

    The E-container ship was announced by the fertilizer manufacturer Yara in 2017 . As early as the end of 2018, Birkeland was to handle the equivalent of 40,000 truck journeys between the fertilizer production facility in Porsgrunn in southern Norway and Brevik for onward transport...
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  • Netherlands: Interchangeable barge batteries

    Netherlands: Interchangeable barge batteries

    A Dutch consortium has come up with its Newfounded Zero Emission Services (ZES), a joint venture that focuses on zero-emission inland navigation. The initiators plan to put the first electric ship into operation this year.

    Specifically, the ZES business model envisages leasing interchangeable battery containers, so-called ZES packs, to shipping companies. The company puts together a service package around this core ideaCharging stations, green electricity, technical support and a payment...
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  • US companies report maiden flight of largest electric aircraft to date

    US companies report maiden flight of largest electric aircraft to date

    The companies magniX and AeroTEC have announced the successful maiden flight of what is said to be the world's largest fully electric aircraft, a fully electric Cessna Grand Caravan 208B. The half-hour flight in the US state of Washington apparently went perfectly.

    The aircraft is an 18-year-old Cessna Grand Caravan, which was converted by the engineering office AeroTEC to an electric drive with a magni500 electric motor. The electric motor manufacturer magniX took over...
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