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  • Netherlands wants Rivian's European plant

    Netherlands wants Rivian's European plant

    There have been rumors about a European plant of the US electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian for a long time. While a production facility near Bristol in England was previously the favorite, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has now confirmed that talks are being held with Rivian about a very specific location in the country.

    This is said to be the VDL Nedcar manufacturing plant. Rivian could not only produce its vehicles there, but also take over VDL Nedcar completely....
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  • Netherlands: Interchangeable barge batteries

    Netherlands: Interchangeable barge batteries

    A Dutch consortium has come up with its Newfounded Zero Emission Services (ZES), a joint venture that focuses on zero-emission inland navigation. The initiators plan to put the first electric ship into operation this year.

    Specifically, the ZES business model envisages leasing interchangeable battery containers, so-called ZES packs, to shipping companies. The company puts together a service package around this core ideaCharging stations, green electricity, technical support and a payment...
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  • Enel X signs roaming agreements with Allego, Bosch and Innogy

    Enel X signs roaming agreements with Allego, Bosch and Innogy

    The Italian energy provider Enel has entered into eRoaming agreements with Allego, Bosch and Innogy through its subsidiary Enel X. The Enel-X network is growing from 10,500 to over 30,000 public charging points.

    Via the Hubject platform, users of the Enel JuicePass app can now access 19,500 additional charging points in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands without having to conclude new contracts. Enel X participated in Hubject last September .

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