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  1. Had a Tesla 90D S. Changed to Audi because of quality of ride, superior finishing and always a dealer closeby.
  2. Mercedes-Benz Workshop Information System - WIS 07/2019 (basis)Platform: Windows (Java)Size: 13.60 GB (Unpacked: 15.70 GB)Hoster: Share-Online.bizdiscs: 1x isoParts: 28 parts (per 512MB)INFORMATION - shutdown / uninstalling the EPC function this version! With In the latest EWA software version (EWA 1.30 and newer - from WIS 04/2019) and presumably all subsequent versions, the EPC function is deactivated in the software and the EPC database is uninstalled since November 2018 the offline parts catalog more and therefore probably has disabled this feature. Even if the EPC version 11/2018 was installed before the update, it will be deleted and can not be found in the EWA Admin Tool or via the web server when updating the EWA software. It is also only labeled with WIS / ASRA and there are no traces to the EPC. ! Therefore please only update the WIS / EPC data and not the EWA software! The pure data update goes like this: 1. Settings -> Activate additional functions 2. A tab Advanced appears, click this 3. Under Data update -> WIS update ! DO NOT go over the usual way WIS -> WIS database upgrade! I am not aware of any way to update the EWA version to play back the old one without uninstalling everything and then reinstalling it (with the loss of all settings!) But if you only need the WIS, then you can update as before Give and take. You need 10 "meaningful" posts for the links. Please no spam! This is how we keep the community alive. If you have 10 posts, write me a PM with the link to this thread. Give and take. You need 10 "meaningful" posts for the links. Please no spam! This is how we keep the community alive. If you have 10 posts, write me a PM with the link to this thread. Mercedes-Benz Workshop Information System - WIS 07/2019 (basis) @ so.biz via share-links.biz
  3. On most of the Audis I've owned when it comes back from some services, the automatic window function doesn't work. This is normal if they disconnect the battery. You should be able to reset it as follows: 1) close the window all the way. 2) hold the switch in the up position for 1 second and release. I note that if you look at the owner's manual you'll find there are some crazy options for programming the windows to automatically open to different levels. You can also reset the automatic window - perhaps you did this inadvertently.
  4. Hi! Thanks for all the answers ? It´s interesting that the opinions differs in what car is the most comfortable. More facs to narrow down my questin, no of roading, half of the trip will be from Venice to Gdansk, that trip according to A better Routeplanner is 4hrs more in the Etron. My main worry is that we get feels for some detour in the Alps where the Teslas range would come in handy ? But then i worry for how the Tesla is in comfort for Autobahn.
  5. Hi! I own a E-tron and planning a roadtrip, now i got the possibillity to swap car with a friend that got a just delivered Tesla Model S LR with raven upgrade. Can i get a honest opinon here, what car is the best choise for maby a 4000km roadtrip with my girlfriend? I love the etron, but is a new Tesla model S LR as good a ride on long trips in confort? The range in the tesla and all the superchargers make me intrested in swaping for this trip (and free supercharging ofc)
  6. Open the DC flap. Sometimes it interferes with some J1772 handles.
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