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  1. do you miss the quick acceleration of the Tesla? I feel like that’s one of the biggest perks of an EV. The e-tron’s acceleration was just ok. Otherwise I liked the “normalness” of the e-tron.
  2. Any prior Tesla owners here? What made you decided to switch and how do you compare the e-tron to your prior Tesla? Test drove the e-Tron yesterday and loved it. But I’m new to EVs and am wondering which one to get. Or maybe just get another ICE.
  3. just tried again. It works while driving but once in park (“engine off” but radio still on), it does it. Maybe it works as expected, I guess I was used to this in my previous car
  4. I have the folding mirror issue as well. As for the windows, I have an issue with the driver’s window not coming up automatically.
  5. Use this to help locate charging: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/
  6. Yes, it worked. Had to pull the emergency cable release. Ta
  7. Ok. Question. Just got my e-tron today. Charged fine earlier. Came home & now its as it if the car has a blockage and wont allow the charging cable to connect to the car. Any ideas?
  8. Available in the Audi-app. Service tab, then the second last entry, takes you to the pdf
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