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  1. Currently owning a Model S and considering to switch to E-tron. E-tron plus: design, finish, quality, noise, towcapabilities, comfort, rear seats. Model S plus: range, range, range, acceleration, one pedal drive, total luggage capacity (frunk!), trip planner with charging locations, supercharger network. Undecided but still slightly Tesla biassed...
  2. So I bought my truck brand new with 0 miles. I have lifted it and put wheels and tires on its 7” lift, 33” tires). I know that my transmission most likely won’t be covered under warranty, but the truck is dying while driving, not starting, the radio cuts in and out, and the transfer case whines and pops while in auto mode. Dealership refused me service bc of the lift so I called GM, and the dealership called me back and made me an appointment. Said I could get it back same day and I made it clear I needed the truck on Monday for work. So I do not get it back the same day I drop it off. Told I can get it Monday. Monday rolls around, can’t get ahold of them. Now today, I get a hold of them and demand an update and they tell me nothing was wrong with the truck. (There was no codes.) so the truck dying is no longer an issue to them. Same with radio, however, with the transfer case. They tell me they couldn’t find anything wrong with the transfer case but they could hear the noise, so what they tell me is “we can only assume that you drive it in 4wd all the time. So it’s 167$ for the fluid change in your transfer case.” No evidence of this, nothing. And I obviously do not drive my truck around in 4wd. Only had it in 4wd once for about 2 minutes. So I call GM and tell my case manager about it and he just says “keep me updated” but I still can’t go get my truck without paying 167$ for an assumption they made. So I’m Stuck on what steps to take next.
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